"Ro is great! He has a brilliant way with descriptive words and metaphors that feels simple and conversational. He delivers each song like he is just talking to you. At the same time, Ro is also not afraid of beautiful soaring melodies that cover a lot of ground. He knows what he wants to say and he says it."

Anne Heaton, Singer Songwriter

"Ro's voice is subtle and nuanced in the most powerful of ways, his songs have this night time quality to them, like they are being whispered into your ear while you're sleeping. He is a fantastic storyteller."

Jason Myles Goss, Singer Songwriter

"Really solid stuff, there's room in there for a listener to tell themselves a story."

Peter Mulvey, Singer-Songwriter

"Ro Colegrove’s lyrics have a confessional and poetic style, underscored by jaunty acoustic guitars and harmonies that bring Girlyman to mind. His song, "Toothbrush Aisle" is so infectious and sweet that I find myself humming it as I write."  

Dana Piccoli,

Ro's latest CDs, Wabash Valley and Becoming Rowen,
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