Y'all! Ro's record is fully funded! 

Ro's record is officially fully funded and has been pressed!  Copies of it are sitting in his bedroom RIGHT NOW.  EPIC.  It is all about his gender transition/identity over the last year, and includes narratives from his own life and the lives of his queer family and friends.  Details to follow on where you can get a copy of this new art.  It will be available within a month or two on itunes, cdbaby, & spotify.  You can hear the new track right here if you look at the bottom of the page!  It's called "Wide Open Sturdy Arms." 


Hi friends!  Ro Colegrove is making a new record, and he needs your help!  Please check out his kickstarter here to pledge $$ and pre-order records:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/59218705/ro-colegrove-2015-lp-becoming-rowen
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